About Us

J&J Engineering and Testing, Inc. is a full service structural engineering consulting firm providing structural engineering services in commercial, industrial, educational, healthcare, and governmental sectors. With more than 30 years of professional experience, we are able to provide our clients with innovative and cost-effective designs for any size project.




We are in business to solve and design structural issues in all types of new and existing structures. We aspire to reliably convey practical, creative, solutions - solutions that are superior to those provided by others, better than our clients expect, and better than we have delivered before.


Our Vision is to be the standard setters who realize there are constantly new standards to be set. We look for individuals with remarkable character, an unflinching commitment to our values, sound expertise, and genuine enthusiasm. With our Vision as the objective, we expect to strive to be extraordinary in service of our clients and to do our part to enhance our reputation and contribute to our success.

Core Values


Always honest and ethical in our words and actions.


Delivering on all commitments and taking personal responsibility for all outcomes.


Fair, thoughtful and dignified treatment of others.


Going above and beyond


Collaborate with and complement others to achieve common goals

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